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#9 - Heading Into The Wild Blue Yonder:

Successfully planning & navigating of Jacob’s Grand RV Adventure 2019

· Autism,Relationships,Parenting,Family Friends

Today were talking about: Heading Into The Wild Blue Yonder: Successfully planning and navigating of Jacob’s Grand RV Adventure 2019

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In this episode of CONNECTED with Mika Bradford we’re discussing:

Planning a vacation or staycation is work for any parent and when planning a getaway for a child or adult with disabilities it requires diving deeper into the details. In this episode Mika talks about her twelve day adventure traveling over four thousand miles on the road trip of a lifetime with her twenty three year old son with autism. Learn more about her preparation successes and epic fails as she talks about travel tips and tricks when planning a grand adventure for children of any age and ability while on the open road or staying in and around town.

Learn more about:

  • Planning meals for children with special diets.
  • Consider the importance of visual cues and guides regarding distance and time traveling.
  • Do NOT forget paperwork showing diagnosis, health conditions, proof of familial status and guardianship, in order to ensure you are prepared for any unexpected event where the well being or actions of your loved one may be questioned by medical professionals or peace officers within the communities you are traveling.
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