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#10 -Forty Year Journey of a Health Enthusiast

Interview with Michael Bailey Sr.

Today we take a look back over the forty year journey of a health enthusiast. Hear Michael share key experiences that shaped and changed his life while embracing the principles of looking at the whole person, all aspects of their lives, including nutrition and exercise.


In this episode of CONNECTED with Mika Bradford we’re discussing:

Today’s podcast features Michael Bailey, RN, a distinguished veteran who served in the Army as a Combat Medic in Vietnam, with over forty years experience working in various hospitals, Intensive Care Unit, medical clinics and insurance companies. Early on in his career he was introduced to a simplistic, wholesome way of life where clean eating, exercise and taking basic nutritional supplements was the foundation for life. His journey and desire to provide his clients with exceptional care, going beyond the status quo, began after reading “Vitamin C and the Common Cold” a popular book by Linus Pauling. The book was first published in 1970, highlighting vitamin C, its interactions with common cold and the role of vitamin C megadosage in human health. The book promoted the idea that taking large amounts of vitamin C could reduce the duration and severity of the common cold. From that moment on Michael look at health and wellness from a different perspective and began to expand his understanding of nutrition, physiology and how marrying both health, wellness and medicine could help produce optimal outcomes for his clients.

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