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#3 - Faith and Perseverance

Receiving the Diagnosis series

· Faith,Diagnosis,Support

Episode #3 - Looking for information and answers, whether it’s a vague illness or diagnosis you have been told is hopeless having faith and perseverance connecting the dots can open many doors to hope, health and your future.

Having crazy faith and perseverance believing anything was possible was key in me being able to start the journey of seeking and searching for answers in what was causing many of the symptoms Jacob was experiencing. I knew in my core that there were more answers as to why Jacob had diarrhea, constipation, bizarre skin rashes, turning yellow and waking up at all hours of the night and that answer was not “because kids with autism do that”. Having faith and perseverance allowed me to be stubborn never settling for status quo, not accepting the report that had been spoken over Jacob in that his autism diagnosis would be his sentencing to a bleak and desolate future. The journey would be long and emotional as I searched for information and medical providers who were compassionate, willing to partner with me in helping Jacob secure the best quality of life possible.

Faith and perseverance helped me make it through each doctor appointment where I would wait with anticipation to learn if I had just met a new potential partner to help me fight for Jacob’s future or simply the checking them off the list of hopeful candidates as I left their office feeling shunned and admonished for proposing that my son had health issues that were contributing to the severity of autistic symptoms that could be treated. Becoming the professional parent who relentlessly sought out information on tests and assessments to identify treatments for the health conditions Jacob had was becoming a full-time job. I knew that with each day that passed science was continuing to evolve and answers were emerging and I continued to believe that miracles still occurred. Have you chosen your one thing to have faith and persevere in? By taking one day at a time, creating realistic goals, you too can persevere victoriously over both small and large obstacles in your life through faith to persevere.