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#18 - Chronic Illness, Finding Answers(2)

Interview with Tonja Alexander (Part 2)
· addiction,Support,Faith,Treatments,Diagnosis

Chronic illness, finding answers when you've been told there's nothing more you can do and it's all in your head...

In this episode of CONNECTED with Mika Bradford we’re discussing:

If you or a loved one have struggled with chronic health conditions and time after time have been left without answers, diagnosis or the support and encouragement to continue looking for solutions, this episode is for you! #hope #believe #chronicpain #survivor #opioids #addiction #nevergiveup #depression

Listen now to hear Tonja Alexanders miraculous journey as she shares the struggles she encountered when looking for solutions and answers to her numerous chronic pain and autoimmune conditions that led her to seek out traditional and” alternative" health interventions. In this episode of the two-part series, we hear how Tonja's health conditions and treatments led her to be over-medicated, struggling with the physical addiction to opioids and the loss of a marriage that spanned two decades. Tonja shares how her faith in God enabled her to hold onto hope and help her weather the storms of walking through cycles of desperation, and disappointment that ultimately led to the victory of reclaiming her life and health!

Learn how Tonja was able to overcome:

  • Years of pain without a diagnosis
  • Being told it was all in her head
  • Discovering and combining traditional and alternative treatments
  • Working with many healthcare providers
  • Polypharmacy (being overprescribed medications)
  • Loss of family and friends
  • Opioid Addiction 

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