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#14 - Giving a Voice to Those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves (pt# 3)

Interview with Dr. Deann O'Lenick (part 3)

If you work with or have a loved one who has struggled with their ability to express their wants, needs and feeling, you don’t want to miss this three part series...


In this episode of CONNECTED with Mika Bradford we’re discussing:

Mika speaks with Dr. Deann O’Lenick, PhD, CCC/SLP, MBA, having her introduce you to game changing technology that uses new techniques in teaching Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) strategies. These strategies and technological advancements through new apps will change the way you think of AAC devices, voice out put systems and who could benefit from these tools, regardless of what their diagnosis is or how their communication became impaired. This has the potential to equip individuals with the opportunity to learn how to express themselves at a rate we have not seen before.

Deann O’Lenick, PhD, CCC/SLP, MBA, is the owner of O’Lenick Consulting, LLC and SymbolSpeak, LLC, and the founding board member of Hear MY Voice- Language Through AAC, a nonprofit whose mission and vision is for everyone to have a voice to be heard and understood. Hear MY Voice- Language Through AAC focuses on the education and training necessary to immerse the symbol speaker in both verbal language and the symbol system likely to be learned. SymbolSpeak, LLC. was established to provide technology that supports the development of language through AAC. This innovative company is based on research, combined with a unique perspective of what is needed to achieve improved outcomes for those who symbol speak or symbolize their language. SymbolSpeak, LLC launched their first app/software product in 2019. Dr. O’Lenick provides evaluations, therapy, consultations, and training through O’Lenick Consulting, LLC.

Learn more about:

  • The theory of Dual-Symbol Immersion

  • How does the Symbol-It App enhance the ability of family, friends and therapist communicate with the language/symbol learner

  • Who should be given the opportunity to use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) strategies, is there an age range of who and who should not receive these supports

  • When Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) through Dual-Symbol Immersion should begin

  • The importance of learning “no” and how it can double the language/symbol learners ability to communicate

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